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Broke the bread
Spilled the Tea

Bridging the gap between faith and identity is possible when we conclude that perhaps the God preached on Sunday pulpits isn’t the fullness and truth of who He truly is.

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"Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea is a breath of fresh air for a community
that has long suffocated"

The Christian Church has long been one of the most influential institutions in society. Self-proclaimed as God’s representatives on earth, it is ironic to see how a faith of love and inclusion has been the source of wars, genocides, slavery, and oppression throughout the ages. In an era of misinformation and blind faith, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the Bible and “judge by the fruits” of what is real and what is not. Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea aims to explore one of Christianity’s most marginalized groups and breaks down exactly what the Bible says about queerness through a contextual, historical, and lexicological lens. 

Meet the Author

Mitchell Kesller

Mitchell Kesller was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and later moved to Boston, MA. Raised Bostonian, he moved to Orlando, FL, fell in love with it, and refused to leave. Though Orlando is his homebase, you can also frequently find him traveling to Italy to explore more of the ancient and medieval history it holds. As such, he speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian.

A Philosopher in the word’s original sense, Mitchell has never stopped chasing after wisdom and continued education. Though achieving two Bachelor’s degrees in unrelated fields, his passion has always been to thoroughly study ancient history and religious topics. His literary tastes fall under topics of Greek mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, and philosophy. 

Latest Publications

Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea

The truth calls for you to live your most authentic life. Enough is enough.
No more hate, no more shame. It's time the truth was exposed.

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