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Meet Mitchell Kesller
Author of Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea.

We all have a story to tell, and if it makes a difference in the life of another, then it becomes our obligation to tell it.

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Meet the Author

Mitchell Kesller

Mitchell Kesller was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and later moved to Boston, MA. Raised Bostonian, he moved to Orlando, FL, fell in love with the city, and refused to leave. Though Orlando is his homebase, you can also frequently find him traveling to Italy to explore more of the ancient and medieval history it holds. As such, he speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian.

A Philosopher in the word’s original sense, Mitchell has never stopped chasing after wisdom and continued education. His passion has always been to thoroughly study ancient history and religious topics. His literary tastes fall under topics of Greek mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, and philosophy.

He and his fiancé, Daniel, currently live in Orlando. When they aren’t traveling abroad, they enjoy exploring the city for its different restaurants and can often be spotted hanging out in the region’s many theme parks. As avid Harry Potter fans, Mitchell is a Ravenclaw while Daniel is a Slytherin; they are both strong in the force within the Star Wars fandom.

Both Mitchell and Daniel believe in a world where those of faith can find comfort in who they are and continuously contribute their tithes to organizations like the Trevor Project, which support the rights and well-being of the LGBT+ community.

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