Mitchell Kesller

People holding up hateful signs, man ironically holding a sign that God hates their signs

They Take God’s Name in Vain

We’ve reached a dangerous point in our society where logic and truth are no longer seen as a virtue, but a hinderance to those who have so blindly chosen a political ideology that carries the name of God on their banners. I have adopted a saying as of late, that the devil is on vacation since American Evangelical Christians are doing enough to push people away from God—the very opposite of the directive they were …

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Protesters in Geneva with a trans pride flag

The Trans Community and the Bible

as believers in a God so incredibly compassionate and loving, it is time we abandoned such radical and literal interpretations of everything read in the Bible. If we are made in God’s image and His mysteries are complexities we have spent millennia trying to understand, then so do we reflect such mysteries as we spend centuries of scientific study to understand the nature of humankind further. To my Trans brothers and sisters, you are seen, you are loved, and you are incredibly valued by the God who created you and continues to mold you into the person you were destined to become.

Picture of youths protesting with fist in the air

They called for Revival but only wanted attendance.

It’s funny how churches have gone up and arms about the deconstructionist movement — a movement of evangelical Christians leaving the church and being very vocal about it. People like me, who were heavily involved in the church, have suddenly awakened to the realization that much of what is preached in the church does not reflect its policies and members. From ostracizing people to hiding/minimizing sexual assaults, from passive-aggressive comments to manipulation tactics, people are now deconstructing their beliefs from the toxicity of institutionalized churches and getting back to the raw roots of their faith. As more and more people start to approach God from a different and much deeper perspective, unafraid to relate to their non-believing friends and family that surround them, isn’t it all starting to sound like a revival? A true revolution?

cup of tea on a bed with a book

Spilling all the tea.

One of the many questions I’ve received in the pre-launch of Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea is quite simply: why? Why are you writing this? First let’s talk about the title. In Christianity, breaking bread is an expression used to convey fellowship. Bread was the main staple of the first-century authors of the Bible. It was often shared at dinners and get-togethers when believers and disciples met for fellowship. Being immersed in church culture …

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