People holding up hateful signs, man ironically holding a sign that God hates their signs
Image courtesy of Burstein (https://www.flickr.com/photos/burstein/2979979221) We’ve reached a dangerous point in our society where logic and truth are no longer seen as a virtue, but a hinderance to those who have so blindly chosen a political ideology that carries the name of God on their banners. I have adopted a saying as of late, that the devil is on vacation since American Evangelical Christians are doing enough to push people away from God—the very opposite
Protesters in Geneva with a trans pride flag
As Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea gets ready to make its world debut, advanced readers brought into question the nature of the book as it pertains to the Trans community. In the book, I mention that “God does not make mistakes” in regards to creating those on the LGBT+ spectrum, and it left some questioning where the stance with the Trans community would fall within that statement. Although I do live a life surrounded by members
Picture of youths protesting with fist in the air
When growing up Christian, youth retreats and conferences were a right of passage. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of High School students would gather to worship, pray, and hear the message preached by guest pastors. One common theme was often that of revival. For those who didn’t grow up in the same environment, a revival was an occurrence that was constantly prayed for — a spiritual awakening in our communities and cities. We dreamed of people being
cup of tea on a bed with a book
One of the many questions I’ve received in the pre-launch of Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea is quite simply: why? Why are you writing this? First let’s talk about the title. In Christianity, breaking bread is an expression used to convey fellowship. Bread was the main staple of the first-century authors of the Bible. It was often shared at dinners and get-togethers when believers and disciples met for fellowship. Being immersed in church culture

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